The Fatigued Researcher

I have been very tired during the past two weeks and it’s making me nervous. I’m trying to push on and be productive, though I haven’t been able to wake up for early morning study sessions like I’d hoped. I have a few ideas swirling right now, but I’ll leave you with some knee selfies from Labor Day for the moment. Jason suggested that I start a Flikr account, which would allow me to save my photos in an organized way and add appropriate metadata, so I signed up this morning. I’m still concerned about making these photos/this project accessible to others, and I’m clearly still working on my blog to make it more useable. (Case in point: I’m not sure that the alt-text shows up when you hover over these photos. Hmmmm…). I’m so lucky to have friends/colleagues who are supportive of all of my projects–especially this one. When I share updates at our writing group session each week, everyone finds something kind to say and makes innovative suggestions even though it is pretty weird for me to be taking selfies of my knees, reflecting on them, and posting them. Although I originally had planned to take pictures of whatever body parts were hurting during a particular day and post those, Jason suggested that I tighten my focus and just take photos of my knees (for instance). This constraint might seem peculiar when people look at the photos individually, but as a collection, they might be really rich with….I guess we’ll see when I get there? In any case, it’s my 24th birthday tomorrow, so I’m going to try to take a knee selfie everyday for the next year and see what happens.

The first image is an upside down view of my knees, which I took while waiting for the bus. My left knee looks particularly misshapen. In the second photo, my legs are spread over my partner's lap and his hands are covering each knee.

I’m lucky to have a partner who both rubs my knees and doesn’t mind looking at hundreds of pictures of them.


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